Beyond The Barred Window

The artwork, manipulations and scriblings of Garth P. Toyntanen dealing with corporal punishment, domination and psychological manipulation

It doesn't matter what you want, dear. Medical professionals, because you need some 'professional' help.

So - now that here in the UK ‘Civil Partnerships‘ have given way to full-blown same-sex marriages and the customs of other cultures are more and more often tollerated one’s thoughts turn to the possibility that perhaps the door is now open to a whole new interpretation of the term: ‘arranged marriage‘!

A character I’ve been working on for an illustrated publication I’ve had on the backburner for some time and based on an old photograph I came across once. The original, although pefectly innocent and depicted in an everyday medical setting, I found had possible sinister overtones, certainily enough to have triggered my imagination into action. It was the syringe, but also somehow in combination with the woman’s expression - it was / is something I found / find difficult to put a finger on let alone put into words; and I’m not sure I have been entirely successful in capturing that whatever-it-is; and I think I may have made her too broad in the beam. But I think it has got SOMETHING going for it, even if it does need a little more work. She won’t be depicted in isolation, as here, in the finished work of course - but to say any more would be to risk giving too much away!

Due to the growing censorship problems with Tumblr I’m of the opinion the days of blogs like mine are numbered and so I have just opened an account with BDSMIR.COM  I’ve not posted anything there yet but will begin by duplicating postings made here and eventualy move across permanantly. It is here:

So if I disapear from here you’ll know where to find me. Click it or click the pic above to visit / save ready for when I add content in due course 

Meanwhile, here is something I’ve been working on for a book. It’s nowhere NEAR ready yet, it’s more a ‘proof of concept‘ at present but I think with a little bit more work and imagination it might yet prove usefull. I’d like you’re opinion.

I have been ‘off the air’ for quite some time following my mother’s death back in November and her burial a couple of weeks before Christmas, since when - other than for a break over the Christmas / New Year period (mostly spent in the pub - a nine day mega-bender) I have been largely dealing with her estate and legal matters pertaining to probate as a co-executor of her will along with one of my aunts and am only now trying to get my life up and running again.

One thing I DID manage to do before it all went pear shaped with my mother (actually it was way back in June last year - a measure of how long all this has been going on for) was publish this for my mate Robin Stone on LULU. It is presently only available published by yours truly as a PDF but in the fullness of time it will also appear under Robin’s own name, in various formats such as EPUB and hopefully also on Amazon too!  While not really my thing in certain aspects and not my writing stle, nonetheless I have had a guiding hand, contributed the opening section, written and or edited one or two areas and done quite a lot on the artwork side. Click here or on the cover pic to visit the relevant LULU page. 

BTW I am having problems seeing my own Blogger blog - which I have just updated - so if you visit Behind The Barred Window on Blogger please kindly let me know if it is viewable or not, in case it is a browser problem or some other local setting that is incorrect at this end.  You can contact me via my email   Many thanks - and happy New Year!

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